For over a decade now, Boracay has been the crown jewel of the best of the best places in the Philippines to go to. It was named the best island in the world for several consecutive years starting from 2012.

Clear blue seas and white sand beaches drove tourists – local and foreign alike – to bask in its glory. I have always loved the sea and the beaches here are perfect. The local government catered to the needs of the tourists and made sure that there are enough restaurants, hotels, and other accommodation to make Boracay a prime destination for everyone.

Paradise Lost

Sadly, the rampant progress of all the tourism businesses made the once-pristine paradise a cesspool of humanity’s refuse and neglect. The clear water became green with algae and other debris. The beaches got ruined with trash and the noise levels became pollution. The devastation was gradual but it quickly became so much worst. Boracay was almost destroyed.

The current Philippine government put its foot down and closed Boracay for rehabilitation. A lot of people disagreed and there was so much hatred for this move that it was front-page news everywhere. Even with all that, the Philippine’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources pushed through and got the job underway.

The clean up of the beaches from debris and trash was the easiest to be done. Next was to file charges to hotels and other establishments which are dumping their waste directly to the water. It took precious time to do all this! After everyone complied, the seas were scoured for other debris and constantly tested for a safe PH level.

Paradise Return

Finally, after almost a year of rehabilitation, Boracay is once again back to its natural beauty. The government imposed strict rules to ensure that the environment is protected at all times. I am just so proud that the Philippines was able to get Boracay to its glory.

The number of tourists allowed to come to Boracay is now heavily controlled. Plastic is banned — and so are its variations, like straws and bags. All corporate conventions and events are also strictly monitored and heavily discouraged. So for party animals who love the famous May 1 weekend all-night dance event here called “La Boracay“, it morphed to “#LoveBoracay”. The move aims to keep this paradise from denigrating again. Cleaning up and making sure that people comply with the environmental rules on the beach like no smoking on the beach, no drinking liquor, no pets etc..



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